New Hope Community Capital, Inc. (New Hope)

New Hope Community Capital, Inc. (“New Hope”) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed in 1991 that provides capital for affordable and mixed income housing and related community development activities by facilitating private equity investments and making grants and loans, including predevelopment grants and loans, in support of such affordable housing and related community development work.

In pursuit of its mission, New Hope is principally engaged in raising equity capital through the sale of tax-advantaged investments in order to bring investment to affordable housing transactions that are developed and sponsored by nonprofit organizations. New Hope works with both syndicators and direct investors. In addition to raising capital and sourcing investment opportunities, New Hope provides related syndication services, including financial feasibility analysis, financial structuring, and investment monitoring.

Innovative Financial Structuring

New Hope is particularly accomplished in creating and deploying creative tools for financing non-profit developed affordable housing that serves challenging populations or geographies. The typical New Hope project has a difficult time raising capital in the conventional debt and equity markets due to their complexity, size, location, sponsorship and affordability objectives. New Hope offers unique expertise in deal structuring which serves to mitigate these risk factors, respond directly to investor concerns and maximize sources while ensuring the long-term viability of the real estate. New Hope is governed by an independent Board of Directors consisting of finance and affordable housing professionals. It provides services through contract relationships with experienced consultants. Currently, these services are provided through a contract with The Community Builders, Inc. (“TCB”), a tax-exempt nonprofit developer, owner and manager of low-income and mixed-income housing. This agreement also authorizes New Hope to market the equity for TCB’s low income housing tax credit transactions.

Leveraging Non-profits’ Impact

In its twenty-year history, New Hope has raised more than $300 million in equity, which has been invested in affordable and mixed income housing developments sponsored by nonprofit organizations. It has sponsored or co-sponsored 14 investment funds which have invested in more than 65 affordable housing or mixed income developments in 14 states that house approximately 5,000 households. New Hope also advances its mission by making grants and loans from its net revenue to TCB and other nonprofit organizations in support of affordable housing and community development activities.